Listen to your own story

I like to use Natural Reader software to read my text to voice back to me. It is amazing to find errors I did not see due to dyslexia and because I’ve gone over the piece so many times, the error is not obvious to me, the author.

   This will not replace the need for another proof reader, but I am able to catch more before I turn the selection over to another person.

   Did she wear a red dress, or redress? I pick up on the oddity when my own story is read back to me. I can pause Natural Reader and make the correction on the manuscript MS Word Document.

   You can try it free at Natural Voice. copy and paste a paragraph of your work and play it back. There are four different levels to chose from if you decide to download. I recommend the free one to get started with. If you like it, you can upgrade. I purchased the “personal.” I find it is all I need. But, the other packages are great if you want to do more with your stories, record them and what ever.

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