Where is Birch Clump Village?

This is the home town for most of the characters in my two novels, Hawk Dancer and its companion, Cloudburst.

Welcome. I am Joshua Seidl, the author.

Birch Clump Bridge

We Are located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the shores of Green Bay (off Lk. Michigan.) The village is along M-35 Highway half way between Menominee and Escanaba. Remember, I write novels, thus the Village is fictional, though most other towns in my books are real. My ‘disclaimer’ is, (knowing may readers will want to visit) is, “I am not┬áresponsible for travelers who become lost in the pristine northern woodlands searching for the Village of Birch Clump.”

You can best visit, or enjoy this quaint hamlet by reading the novels and the Birch Clump Village Reader series of short stories, art and some poetry.


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