About The Author

     Most of Joshua Seidl’s stories are set in the Northern Great Lakes region, notably in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. Birch Clump is the central setting for the major characters of his novels and several of his fictional short stories.

     He grew up in suburban Detroit, though his family comes from the Upper Peninsula. The author spent many family vacations in the north and continues to visit the region.

     He is a professed member of the Society of St. Paul, a congregation of Catholic Brothers and Priests working in all forms of modern media and social communications, including publishing, TV/Radio and Internet. He manages and designs three web sites including one for his books, 


Josh Landcaster 1 7 13 Bro. Joshua Seidl, SSP (author)

Published to date: Two companion novels: Hawk Dancer and Cloudburst. Several characters, plus new comers to the Village scene are presented as short stories in the subsequent Birch Clump Village Reader series, (BCVR). There are six BCVR books out and another one on the way as of this posting. Total books: Eight as of the end of 2014.

History: Born in 1951. United States Air Force. Public Transportation management. Former Franciscan. Currently involved in several aspects of media including publishing, writing, page layout, illustrator, TV/Video, web master, more. His is a “Brother” (monk) in the Society of St. Paul. He has lived in Turkey, the Netherlands and in Italy and visited numerous other countries and is a linguist, horticulturist, cook and is involved in a variety of other arts.

On  Educations: He remembers fifth grade as seven of his happiest years. 

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