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My occasional commentary on current news or events that have a relationship to issues covered in my novels and short stories.

Longest War Continues

Most schools would not dare credit the longest war in history with the Americas.

My Logo     The Congress of the United States illegally (immorally for those who feel an unjust law makes it legal) stole more land from Native Americans and gave it to a mining company on December 5, 2014.

     The general thought on turning over the little bit of land Native Americans still own vary some. Two popular untruths are (1) No one lives there; and (2) It’s a good deal for the Natives. These things are believed by those not involved and with nothing to lose.

    The fair thing would be to condemn land and forcibly remove non-Natives from their towns, cities and farms. After all, they hold 95% of the land and can well afford to use their own resources for the things they want. Let mining poisons contaminate their water systems and land.

    The owners of the mining firms must also be forced to relocate their families into the mining waste run-off areas.

    Typically, these mining ventures promise to pay college education and share royalties. It never happens. The mining companies belly up, go bankrupt and end up never having to pay a dime of their promises.

    This is happening in every country of what is called the Americas, Brazil, Mexico, USA and Canada. It is still happening in New Zealand and Australia. No wonder USA, Canada, Australia refuses to sign the U.N. Indigenous rights charter.

      Christmas day one year in the late 1990’s the Mexican army conducted a raid on a village of Indians, killing every man woman and child. Imagine, on Christmas morning; (not that there is a proper morning to practice genocide.) Oh, and every American who thinks illegal drugs are just fine or uses them …. as far as I’m concerned, you are personally responsible for that Christmas raid.