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Upcoming: Dressed to Suit

Dean, Greta and Amos star in a short story, Dressed to Suit for my next Birch Clump Village Reader.

The story opens with Amos back from the Vietnam War. He is shoping for clothes for his job interview. Gret is checking him out.

The story ends a couple  or so years later with Dean dating Greta. The question left in previous BCVR readers was whether or not Gret (Amos’ former girl friend) and Greta (Dean’s girlfriend) are the same person or not. (The “a” at the end of the name fails to  satisfy our curiosity.) This short story provides the answer.

The photo is a drawing consisting in part of real photo and in part free hand drawing from two sources. Les, a jealous contender for Greta picks a fight with Dean.

DeanLessCombo2 ART: Author, Joshua Seidl, SSP