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publishing Scams

New or aspiring authors beware:
Do an extensive Google search on any publisher. There are dozens of successful rip off companies out there. If you go with self publishing, I recommend Lulu or CreateSpace.

You will need to learn basic page layout software. Microsoft Publisher does an excellent job and price is fair. Don’t use high end page makers or desk top publishing programs unless you are skilled in graphics and such.

Get a proof reader. Have a friend or relative with good grammar go over your work. A book wrought in errors is doomed from the start. Modern times is forgiving of a couple or so errors, but no one wants to struggle through poorly written books.

Publish America tops my list of publishers to avoid. They have one shady deal after another. Google them. There is no shortage of complaints against Publish America. I used them soon after they started. It was a horrible experience.

In fact, if you shop for my books, you will notice 2 editions for my first two novels. Buy the 2nd editions. The originals are out of print and were produced by Publish America. It is illegal for them to produce any more copies of “Hawk Dancer” or “Cloudburst.”

I now use Lulu. Buy the books produced by Lulu. Available on Lulu, Amazon, iTunes and Barnes & Nobles.

There is much to learn about getting published. This is just a short blog on a few basic warnings or recommendations.