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Shopping for my books 

My books are available from a range of on line booksellers: Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and from i-Tunes. Local brick and mortar bookstores may order them for you via Ingram distribution.

 Paperback and as E-Pub (E-books)

All my titles are available in paperback or as e-books. Each on line bookseller varies as to what they carry in paperback and/or e-book as listed with the links on this page.

 1st and 2nd Editions of the Two Novels

What’s the Difference?


2nd Edition Cover

coverCB 2ndEd W print

2nd Ed. Cover

This applies only to the two novels. I recommend selecting the second edition of the two novels, Hawk Dancer and Cloudburst. The original editions of these two books are no longer in print. The revised editions (2nd editions) are far superior in layout of the illustrations.
Only the two novels have a second edition. The Birch Clump Village Reader series are all original editions.

 Direct Links:



Each major on-line bookseller has provided me with a personal author page. All my books are listed together on these special Joshua Seidl pages with Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and on i-Tunes. Each of the following outlets varies as to what they carry in the line of E-Pub (e-books) or in traditional paperback format.


1st Birch Clump Village Reader This link takes you to my “Bro. Joshua’s North Country Store” on Lulu, my publishing source. I have two pages of book listings. Lulu sells paperback and e-book for all my titles.

Amazon: This is the link to my author page on Amazon. They carry paperback only except for my most recent titles in paperback and e-book.

Barnes & Nobles: This is the link to my author page at B & N. Barnes & Noble carry all of my books in paperback and as e-books.

iTunes: This link displays all my e-books available on iTunes. Paperback print books are not available from iTunes; only e-books.

Note: Concerning the two novels, Hawk Dancer and Cloudburst, please select the 2nd editions. The original of the novels (only) are no longer in print. The Birch Clump Reader series, on the other hand, are all original editions. As this posting, I have five (5) numbered BCVR Readers, plus Christmas Surprise, and another BCVR Reader in progress.

Brick and Mortar Book Store

(Traditional walk in neighborhood bookstores)

Each independent bookstore will have its own policy on ordering books not on their shelves. All will need the title and author name. It is very helpful to look up and bring the ISBN and publisher. Most independent stores will need to pass the shipping charges onto you. However, shipping charges are part of online shopping as well.

Occasionally a private store will dismiss shipping costs if the manager or owner deems it worthwhile to order additional copies within their routine orders with Ingram distribution. That does not happen often concerning lesser-known authors.

 Signed Copies?

It is possible, but I do not keep a large private supply on hand. Inquire before ordering a signed book directly from any author. My contact information is on my Hawk Dancer and North Country Novels website.

You may email me regarding my personal on hand supply of any book(s) you wish to order signed from me. Buyer/Seller beware: Unless I know you personally, I will require payment via money order before shipping. On my part, I will let you know in advance if I have a new copy on hand that I can set aside for your payment. It is a good policy not to send payment without confirmation of inventory from private authors. My contact information is on my website.


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